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2. Wochenende: 22./23.09.2018

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Crash-Test-Dummy EUROPA  2017 in Kyoto · Stroh und Plastik Objekt · 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Dear Masahiro Kawanaka,
so I like to send my „European Crash-Test Dummy“ to Kyoto.
After maybe a shocking and a corrosive journey in that narrow and uncomfortable box, please give her a nice welcome and a few relaxing days in wonderful Japan.
Let her sit on the pedestal and having a nice day resting in the gallery……
Speak to her and tell her to bear against misfortune.
It would be very nice if you could do some sightseeing and take some snapshots with her infront of the river and other nice places.
(This snapshots could be a start of a new art-project…)