Eliane Paulino

2. Wochenende: 23./24.09.2017

Kunstpunkt 198

Foto | Installation / Environment | Malerei

Kölner Straße 41c -Hinterhof-  40211 Düsseldorf
zu Gast:
Irina Matthes, Düsseldorf
Anca Muresan, Düsseldorf
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"Bioism": In the wake of our current biological revolution brought about largely in response to genetic engineering and global environmental stresses, the materials and processes of art making will blend with technology and breeding of living organisms. In the future we will use living furniture, dwell in living houses, and travel in space using living stations. But the most exciting aspect will be the ability of artists to work with living substances, thereby constructing new forms of life. The artistic act will acquire the practical sense of birth. These new forms of living art will invade all their surroundings. Art museums will turn into zoological gardens, galleries into new life diversity funds, and ateliers
into biological laboratories. ‘Bioism’ will spread new and endless forms of life throughout the universe.
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