Hilla Hueber

1. Wochenende: 14./15.09.2019

Kunstpunkt 62

Collage | Malerei | Zeichnung

Kinkelstraße 3 · 40223 Düsseldorf
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Michelle Gallagher · Duisburg · Keramik, Malerei
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Imaginary Boundaries  2018 · Acryl auf Holzpanel · 70 x 100 cm
What makes us like or dislike a specific place or landscape? What makes us feel happy and free when we are in an open space where we see a wide sky or a horizon line? What makes us enjoy certain public spaces, cities or landscapes?
I explore these thoughts with abstract drawings in pen and ink. With lines, marks, patterns and geometric shapes I „build“ a drawing that may evoke an emotion or raise awareness for the precariousness of our situation. For me, these drawings are focused meditations on environment, light, existing, and imagined boundaries, and our shared human experience.