20.-22. August
Off-Raum Freitag bis Sonntag
Kunstpunkt 49
Höherweg 271
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Rebecca Konforti (Frankreich) und Romain Ruiz-Pacouret (Belgien) sind im Juli und August 2021 im Höherweg zu Gast und zeigen ihre hier entstandenen Werke.

Rébecca Konforti, France Paris 1987 :


„I work on the notion of 'space' in the broad sense, which would encompass several natures and meanings. It can be architectural, illusory, pictorial, imaginary, virtual, social, semantic, mythological, historical, ...
I question our realities as well as what we think we see or know about what surrounds us. I use the mediums of painting, drawing, writing and exhibition to create an alternating world, reflection and shadow of ours. I have a practice of painting in situ. These installations are coupled with the hanging of paintings, drawing and video projection in space.

I question the visible, I bring together multiple realities and thus include the viewer in a space that is both mental and pictorial.“

Romain Ruiz-Pacouret France, Paris 1986 :


„Painting and drawing are my two favorite mediums, which correspond to so many unique approaches to landscapes. The first is linked to a protocol developed according to the place that welcomes me. Often, I start by working directly on the walls of the place that welcomes me, by painting geometric grids. These are combined with paintings that I hang on the grid, which reveal what the surface of the canvas hides on the wall, like two worlds arranged one on top of the other. This process allows me to question the conditions of the visible, to take an interest in the specificities of a place and its architecture. In addition, I try to create openings, windows, towards another world, a forgotten landscape or which would like to exist.

At the same time, attached to walking as a meditative form of reflection, I roam the landscapes that surround me, in search of a new setting, a change of scenery. These are the landscapes that I use as a starting point for composing my drawings, usually done in charcoal. To these deserted environments, I add geometric shapes borrowed from different artists from different times. It is a way of introducing a form of fiction, where the drawing would become a territory of mental projection.“