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Cynthia Tokaya

14./15. September · Kunstpunkt 104
Wiesenstraße 72
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Rise and Shine!2024 · Mixed Media auf Kömacel · d 95 cm

The circle has been a recurring symbol for the soul in my work since 2004. This soul circle has been exposed to many things: Abuse, exclusion, failures, losses, grief and the blatant consequences of a Corona infection. The spherical, ball-shaped structure shows the damage. Bulges and devastation on the surface in the form of cracks and holes. But as vulnerable and with open wounds this soul might be, you can recognize a deep, underlying substance of life. It is still beautiful, no matter what it looks like or what people say.

What helped me with getting out of difficult, dark issues was working with the reflection of the sun. It started in 2020 as a kind of light therapy that nourished me and gave me the courage to face the day with hope and confidence. A healing process also lies in psychological reflection, in rest, in time and in the actual reflected light of the sun that encourages to rise and shine again.